Saturday, September 28, 2019

John Malveaux: Distinguished speaker series at CSU-DH featuring Dr. Cornel West

John Malveaux of 

September 27, 2019 attended Dymally Institute distinguished speaker series at CSU-Dominguez Hill featuring Dr. Cornel West. Dr. West continued his criticism of President Obama by pronouncing NOT ONE Wall street banker went to jail doing the 8 years of the Obama administration. I am not sure about Dr. West political analysis, but i am sure of his insight into music. A fundamental understanding of Dr. West perspective on humanity and finding your purpose in life is found in spoken words on jazz recordings of "Choices" and "Hannibal" by composer/trumpeter Terence Howard.  Five-Time Grammy award winner Terence Blanchard was recently selected as the first Black composer at the Metropolitan Opera in 136 years for music of “Fire Shut Up in My Bones”. See pic of Dr. Thomas Parham, CSU Dominguez Hill University President, Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Anthony Samad (Mervyn Dymally Institute Executive Director), Christian Jackson (President ASI student government)

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