Thursday, September 5, 2019

1619-The Underground Railroad- Black Women Composers, an opera 10/20/19

Zenobia Powell Perry

Bill Doggett writes:

1619……The Underground Railroad and The Journey To Freedom
The World of Black stories in opera written and told by Black women composers.

Enter Zenobia Powell Perry’s opera Tawawa House

You are cordially invited to a moving concert performance on October 20th at 4:00 pm  130 Fisher Loop San Francisco, CA. 94129  Admission is free

Tawawa House is presented in a collaboration by 
Jaygayle Music, The African American Composers Initiative and The Interfaith Center of The Presidio.

Tawawa House tells the compelling story of a Central Ohio vacation venue for white slave owners and their black mistresses which became transfigured into a stop on The Underground Railroad .     
Tawawa House is central to Ohio Underground Railroad history.

In addition to it’s importance as safe harbor way station for slaves escaping north to Freedom, in 1856, a full ten years before the establishment of the post Civil War Freedman’s Bureau black land grant colleges, 
Tawawa House became the foundation for Ohio’s first black university, Wilberforce University.

Enjoy this excerpt from the May 2014 performance by The Gallo Opera Company of Modesto, California

Publicity by Bill Doggett Productions
for Jaygayle Music and The African American Composers Initiative

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