Tuesday, October 30, 2018

NOBLE Responds to the Tree of Life Synagogue Congregation Shooting

[Alexandria, VA] "This weekend we witnessed one of the deadliest acts of violence against the Jewish community in United States history. Religious institutions are meant to be a safe place for healing and worship and not a place where violence is even imaginable. Violent hate crimes, such as this shooting, have no place in our society.
With an uptick in hate crimes against religious institutions, this latest shooting reminds us of the need for significant change and action to reduce gun violence and hate crimes in this country. This shooting not only impacts the members of the Tree of Life Synagogue Congregation and the Pittsburgh community, but its effects are felt across communities of faith throughout this nation.  Our prayers remain with the families, friends, and members of the Tree of Life Synagogue Congregation, and the many heroic first responders from various agencies who were called to duty," stated NOBLE National President, Vera Bumpers.
This past weekend's Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, PA has left eleven people killed and six others wounded, including four police officers. Law enforcement officials identified the assailant. He was charged with 29 federal charges which includes 11 counts of obstruction of exercise of religious beliefs resulting in death.
As communities of faith look for ways to protect their parishioners, we encourage faith leaders to visit the Department of Justice website for a free evaluation to help keep their members safe in their places of worship.

Protecting Places of Worship: https://www.justice.gov/file/1058496/download


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