Sunday, October 14, 2018

Kelly Hall-Tompkins: 61st Grammys FYC "The Fiddler Expanding Tradition"

Kelly Hall-Tompkins writes:

It's Grammy season!  I am so excited and proud of my new CD "The Fiddler Expanding Tradition" and I am happy to share that it is officially submitted to the 61st Grammys!  If you are a NARAS voter, please find listening links below and look for me on the ballot in the categories of Best Classical Compendium and Best Instrumental Arrangement.  Balloting will be open from this Wednesday.  As I am also a voter, I always love listening to the submissions sent my way- it's amazing and inspiring to hear the wonderful work produced by artists all over the world in such a concentrated amount of time.  There are too many fine examples to name them all, but I will be sharing some of my favorites, from American Roots to Children's Albums to Musical Theater, here over the next couple of weeks.  Even if you are not a NARAS voter, I hope you will find here some listening favorites, discover new artists, and consider sharing with friends and colleagues!
Thank you as always for your interest in my career and happy fall!

From Broadway's "Fiddler"/Violin Soloist
All New Solo Arrangements from Fiddler on the Roof

Best Classical Compendium
Best Instrumental Arrangement
Best Classical Solo

The Fiddler Expanding Tradition
-First Ever Fiddler Solo CD-
Listening Link

Photo Credit: Joan Markus
Video William D. Caballero


In the Broadway revival 'Fiddler on the Roof' title role...Kelly Hall-Tompkins,
the versatile violinist who makes the music come alive..."

"Those who think listening to a violin might be dull - couldn't be more misguided...
an awesome and sensational listening experience...charming...gems...a brilliant CD..."
- Broadway to

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