Tuesday, October 9, 2018

"Love and Hate Crime: A Murder in Mississippi" Oct. 13 on Investigation Discovery

New documentary on modern day lynching in the deep south: "Love and Hate Crime: A Murder in Mississippi"

“Love and Hate Crime: A Murder in Mississippi” is set to premiere on Investigation Discovery on October 13th

This documentary is a pretty tough watch, but it is an extremely important story, especially since the subject of race dominates the news cycle and political debate lately. Essentially it is a documentary about a modern day lynching that took place in Jackson, MS. In 2011 a group of white teens drove from the suburb of Rankin County into Jackson (which they so charmingly called “Jafrica”) to intentionally attack the black community for sport.

James Craig Anderson became the group’s target, and they fatally ran him over in their car. The doc shows security footage of the teen slamming his foot on the gas and racing towards Anderson. It’s appalling.

The case was turned over to the FBI who successfully prosecuted the driver and nine other teenagers for the first time under federal hate crime laws. This documentary shows interviews with the teens convicted, as well as their family members. The family members claim that they did not raise the convicted teen to be racist. The mother even points out in an interview that she does not believe the term “N*****” to be racial. She just says to her it means “dirty.”

This documentary unearths a lot of racial beliefs that many think aren’t present in America anymore.

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