Friday, November 25, 2016

Sergio A. Mims: Chineke! Foundation: Chineke! violinist Elodie Chousmer-Howells appointed 2017 NYO [National Youth Orchestra] Leader

Elodie Chousmer-Howells
(Chineke! Foundation)

Sergio A. Mims forwards this release:

Congratulations to Chineke! violinist Elodie Chousmer-Howells, who has been announced as the new leader of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain (NYO)!

Elodie, now in her third year with the NYO, studies at the Junior Department of the Royal College of Music and has performed with both the Chineke! Orchestra and Chineke! Junior Orchestra.

The seventeen-year-old from Chelmsford credits Classic FM for introducing her to popular orchestral repertoire and, in her year as leader, hopes to encourage the orchestra to think about how orchestral music connects to the modern world. Elodie says: ‘NYO is an orchestra of teenagers that wants to connect, through classical music, to other teenagers. I can’t imagine a greater privilege or better use of such an amazing pool of talent.’

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