Thursday, November 24, 2016

Rebeca Omordia's Oct. 14 performance including 5 of Fred Onovwerosuoke's 24 Studies in African Rhythms Receives 5-Star Review in Birmingham Post, in UK

Rebeca Omordia and Fred Onovwerosuoke

Rebeca Omordia writes to Fred Onovwerosuoke:

Dear Fred,

Hope you are well. I mentioned I performed a recital at Birmingham and Midland Institute on 14th October that included 5 of your 24 Studies in African Rhythms. I received a wonderful 5* review in Birmingham Post! I'm quoting below the section that refers to your African Studies:

"... Rebeca Omordia is a generous ambassador for Nigeria's music, and she concluded with five movements from Fred Onovwerosuoke's 24 Studies in African Rhythms. These were rhythmically exhilarating, and surprisingly western-influenced, melodies and textures sometimes evoking Chopin, and the energetic Raging River Dance 2 sounding as though it could certainly have been composed by Bartok. Ear-refreshing, concise and intriguing, these miniature gems were joyously laid before us by this dedicated and committed young advocate."
Christopher Morley, Birmingham Post , 20 October 2016

Very best,


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Thank you, Bill!  Many thanks for your support, guys! Happy Thanksgiving!
Rebeca [Rebeca Omordia]

By Rebeca Omordia (@RebecaOmordia)

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