Thursday, February 11, 2016

John Malveaux: Pacific Beach Club opening was planned for Feb. 12, 1926, to mark Abraham Lincoln's birthday. [Club for African-Americans burned mysteriously]

Abraham Lincoln

John Malveaux of 

The Pacific Beach Club opening was planned for Feb. 12, 1926, to mark Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Please see 

John Malveaux

"Pacific Beach Club was a planned resort in Orange County, California for African Americans. The beachfront clubhouse, bathhouse, and pavilion were planned in 1925 and construction nearing completion the next year when the property burned down under mysterious circumstances.[1][2] The resort was located outside Huntington Beach."

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If you are a music fan, like history and enjoy museums you should see the Los Angeles city hall exhibit.  It's open to the public and runs til Feb 29th.

Titled "America's Soundtrack: Motown" this exhibit for AAHM is a glimpse of the MOTOWN recording label from 1959-1972, its move to Los Angeles and history in the film and movie industry.

It's about music, civil rights and economics during a revolutionary time in contemporary American history, a must see for elementary and high school students.


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