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African Musical Arts: SEASON FINALE CONCERT Saturday April 16, 7:30PM at the 560 Music Center and Sunday April 17, 3:00PM at the Trinity Presbyterian Church

African Musical Arts

St Louis, Missouri - Prompted by the issues arising 
from Michael Brown’s death and the Ferguson 
unrest, African Musical Arts, a local St. Louis 
arts organization adopted a new motto, "Music 
 bringing people together," with a goal to use its 
unique genre of cultural programming to initiate 
dialogue and share common interests. For, 
according to the much respected African-American 
music minister, Bryan Johnson, "while Gospel 
tends to attract predominantly African American 
audiences and Christian-rock predominantly 
whites, African music always seem to have that 
draw on a wider variety of racial groups and ethnicity." 

St. Louis Women's HOPE Chorale

Response from the local arts community has been huge, 
with the call for collaboration drawing singers and 
musicians from the St Louis Children's Choirs, St. 
Louis Women's HOPE Chorale, Legend Singers, 
 University City Symphony Orchestra, IMI Chamber 
Players, as well as the very captivating Voices of 
Trinity from Chicago, acclaimed soprano Alison 
Buchanan and renowned African American conductor 
Marlon Daniel from New York. These partnerships 
have created a room for dialogue, mutual 
understanding, and along the way helped to build new 

Voices of Trinity from Chicago

5-movement work composed by Fred 
Onovwerosuoke with a commission in 2009 from 
the American Music Center (now renamed New 
Music USA), will be performed by a mass choir 
of local and guest singers, and a local orchestra 
of classical musicians and royal Ghanaian 
drums conducted by Maestro Marlon Daniel. The 
work was originally conceived as both an homage 
to some of Africa’s unsung cultural heroes and a 
rousing celebration of the roots of African 
 American and other African-derived 
musical forms. The two performances on 
Saturday April 16, 7:30PM at the 560 Music 
Center and Sunday April 17, 3:00PM at the 
Trinity Presbyterian Church, respectively, are 
guaranteed to be a memorable showcase in cultural 

Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards funding the 
Performing Arts Exchange, a proposed digital,
web-based database for preserving and 
promoting the music of African descent composers. 
Upon completion the Exchange will be managed from 
African Musical Arts headquarters in the Grand 
Center Arts District and will serve as a music 
sharing resource for performers, educators, students 
and the general public.
For more information on African Musical 
contact Wendy Hymes at 314 652 6800 or 
email to You may also visit 
official Festival website at

Buy Tickets: Sat Apr 16 ($16.82 – $53.74)
Buy Tickets: Sun Apr 17 ($16.82 – $53.74)
VIP Subscribers also receive invitation to the 
Private Reception with Maestro Marlon Daniel, Soprano 
Alison Buchanan and Composer Fred 
Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards funding the African 
Performing Arts Exchange, a proposed digital, web-based 
resource for preserving and sharing the music of African descent 
Make a DONATION to Support the Performing Arts Exchange"
Find us online!
African Musical Arts
3547 Olive Street, Suite 110, St. Louis, Missouri 63103
Phone: 314-652-6800      Email:

African Musical Arts Organization Overview:
African Musical Arts was founded in 1994 and since then we have managed to advance the organization's mission to promote diverse music repertoire by African-decent composers. I've had the honor of collaborating with the music team on actor Robert De Niro's film, The Good Shepherd (Universal, 2006) and in 2008 partnered with Oxford University Press to publish the series, Songs of Africa, a much sought choral music collection for performing groups and music educators across the US, Europe and beyond. However, the organization’s next project, the Performing Arts Exchange will become its legacy to the City of Saint Louis, and will be managed from its offices at the Grand Center Arts District.  So far $150,000 has been raised from the Regional Arts Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, the Trio Foundation, Boeing and other private donors, but we have a long way yet to reach our goal of $500,000. To lend support please visit

African Musical Arts
Located at Grand Center Arts District since 1996
3547 Olive Street, Suite 110
Saint Louis, MO 63103
Tel: 314-652-6800
22 Years of Cultural Programming
"Music Bringing People Together"
Songs of Africa Ensemble

AM Publishers Catalog
Oxford University Press Catalogue

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