Monday, February 17, 2014

Sergio A. Mims: 'Actress Isabel Fillardis will portray little known 18th/19th century black opera singer Lapinha in musical'

Isabel Fillardis & Lapinha

Sergio A. Mims writes:

I came across this article of interest:


Black Women of Brazil
Note from BW of Brazil: The story below is cool for three reasons. 1) It’s great to see one of our favorite actresses, Isabel Fillardis active again. 2) In a previous article about her, Isabel revealed her concern about her third pregnancy because she is a carrier of a rare form of epilepsy that has affected the life of her second child. In great news, on December 28th, the actress delivered a healthy baby boy about a month premature via a C-section. According to the actress’s mother Sônia, her third child looks just like his brother. 3) In a developing musical, Fillardis will embody a little known but important black opera singer from the 18/19th century period whose accomplishments should be recognized and celebrated. Black women making a living in music are generally pushed into the genre of Samba music and still today it’s difficult to find many Afro-Brazilian women who have crossed over into the more lucrative realm of popular music. Today’s feature is also a great follow up piece and contrast to the story of another Afro-Brazilian woman whose talents were respected in the world of classical/opera music although she wasn’t able to truly reap the rewards of her talent due to her skin color.

“I want to introduce to today’s society this wonderful character, whose story, for some reason, was kept in the eighteenth century,” says Isabel.

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