Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'The Tenor From Abidjan' is upcoming documentary about Landry Assokoli of Ivory Coast

Landry Assokoli ( 

Brian Corliss writes:

Dear Mr. Zick,

Hello there. My name is Brian Corliss and I am one of the Producers on an upcoming documentary, The Tenor from Abidjan. Our film is about Landry Assokoli, a young man from Cote d'Ivoire, who aspires to travel to Europe, study in one of its top-tier music academies, and ultimately, to be seen and heard on stage as a world renowned Opera Singer. Outside of the physical progression of Landry's ambitious pursuits, the film is about erasing the fear of facing adversities, using self-motivation to achieve personal dreams, and yes, Operas, Arias, Classical Music, and Landry's love for the art entire.

Now, why I am telling you specifically about this, is that--after hours and hours of research--we believe you can lend a true helping hand to bringing his story to light. Not only do we think that you'd be interested in Landry's story, but we think that this film will help promote the beauty of the Opera and Classical music.

We will be launching a KickStarter soon and  we would like you to understand that the smallest of gestures on your part: a tweet, a mention on Facebook, a note in your newsletter or a small blog with a link to one of our social media pages or our KickStarter itself; some sort of recognition of our hard-work in trying to bring Landry's story to a passionate audience, and Landry himself, would be colossal in aiding our funding process.

Our Best Wishes,
The Crew of The Tenor from Abidjan

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