Saturday, December 14, 2013

NANM President Byron J. Smith Announces Board Member Changes Since Last Convention

Byron J. Smith (YouTube)

First let me express my appreciation to all of the members who supported me in my run for the presidency of NANM. Many members both in Nashville and at their homes expressed their support and excitement in the opportunity to vote for me and I am more than and excited to help take our beloved organization to its next level.

This newsletter is a vehicle to keep our members informed on the actions and activities of the organization. With it, along with our website and emails, we will try to keep the membership up on programs, deadlines and campaigns that take place throughout the year.

I want to make the membership aware of some board member changes that took place since the last convention. Due to the election of Dr. Lori Hicks to another position and the resignation of Dr. Robert Morris, I have had to appoint 2 members to the board. Dr. Sylvia Hollifield from Detroit has been appointed to complete Dr. Hicks term and Ms. Marydith Lawson is completing Dr. Morris’ position. Both of these positions will be up for election in 2014. This new board is already working very hard and recently approved a balanced budget for this fiscal year. Thank you board members!

Secondly, it is with much pleasure that I announce the board voted to hire an Executive Director to run the organization’s business affairs. As you may recall, this paid office was approved in the newly adopted constitution in Dallas 2012. After the outstanding performance of planning and executing our 2013 Convention, the board unanimously voted to move our current Executive Secretary, R. Wayne Woodson, to the position of Executive Director. In our current constitution, I would need to appoint an Executive Secretary but I have decided to hold off and allow the membership to elect the person who will fill this office at the next convention. Our current Executive Director will do the duties of both positions; which includes fundraising to cover the additional expense of the position.

I am pleased that the financial condition of the organization is good. I want to thank our past President, Dr. David Morrow for his tenure as the leader of this organization and passing a healthy baton to me. You should have received an appeal for a fundraising campaign from our Executive Director. Please make plans for you branch to participate in this great opportunity to help us keep the ball moving in a positive direction.

I am so excited about NANM coming to Los Angeles July 20-24, 2014. The local committee is planning an exciting event next year so make plans on attending the National Convention at the Doubletree Hotel, West Los Angeles. You can make your reservations today!

Thanks once again, and I look forward to hearing about all of the great activities your braches are planning throughout the year. Please use our website to advertise and brag on the great programs of NANM’s locale branches. Don’t forget that membership dues are currently due before the end of 2013 and let us look forward to an exciting year of music making in NANM!

Byron J. Smith

President, NANM, Inc.
2014 National Convention
Lights, Music, Action! Spotlight on the Next Generation
July 20-July 24
Los Angeles, CA
Hotel Information: Doubletree Los Angeles Westside
Room Rate: $119 per night plus tax and fees
(Reservations must be made by June 18, 2014)
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