Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Help share the joy of L'Académie with a 2013 Year End Donation

Leslie Kwan writes:

A couple weeks ago, during our weekly concert at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,  I met a man who didn't lack for money- he was indescribably wealthy. His watch, clothing, shoes and the humming, chauffeured Bentley outside spoke for itself.

I watched him as he listened to our musicians and he was completely taken aback by how good the music made him feel.

He said " I have so much money- so much money, but I'm so sick and the doctors can't help me. They can't make me feel better. I have all of this money and it can't buy my health... but this? This music you are providing for us? This is real wealth, THIS is priceless, THIS is a gift. This music makes me forget how sick I am."

As you go about your last minute shopping this holiday season, please consider making a gift, either to our Annual Fund (click here) to support our orchestra benefit concerts or to our Indiegogo campaign (clickhere)  in support of our concert series at Dana-Farber.

I promise you, the peace and support that your gift will bring surpasses anything money can buy. Make your gift today.

Warmest regards,

Leslie Kwan
Harpsichordist and General Director

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