Monday, December 2, 2013

John Malveaux: Public Letter to NANM President Byron Smith

Byron Smith (YouTube)

George Walker has a website at and is featured at

John Malveaux of writes:

Greetings Mr. Byron Smith:
Congratulations for being elected President of National Association of Negro Musicians and best wishes for a  historic  National Convention in Los Angeles July 20-24, 2014. Composer George Walker is the foremost living and working composer in the United States. He is 91 years old and his 90th birthday was NOT formally celebrated by any American music organization. 

If NANM has not already planned a celebration to recognize the giant accomplishments of George Walker, please receive this letter as a public request. Please see a short video and if time and circumstances permit, please notify your national membership that George Walker will be interviewed for two (2) hours on KUSC Classical Radio 91.5 FM or online at by Jim Svedja, Thursday, December 5, 2014, 9:00PM (PST). George Walker recently indicated that he does not travel anymore.
John Malveaux

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