Saturday, December 28, 2013

John Malveaux: Interviews, Links and Facts Concerning Composer, Pianist and Educator George Walker (b. 1922)

George Walker has a website at
and is featured at

John Malveaux of sends facts and links related to George Walker:

1) Composer George Walker began as celebrated international pianist. Please see 1997  review

2) Walker’s Lyric for Strings, written in 1941 as a memorial to his grandmother, is the most frequently performed music by a living American composer. See

3) Composer, Pianist, Educator George Walker delivered the Commencement Address at the Eastman School of Music and received a Doctor of Music Degree on May 20, 2012.

4) Please see email interview by Ethan Iverson of Composer, Pianist, Educator George Walker

5) The Las Vegas Philharmonic performed George Walker's 1946 composition 'Lyric for Strings' on November 23, 2013. 

6) George Walker was earlier commissioned by the Las Vegas Philharmonic to compose a work for their Centennial of the City (2005). 

7) The commissioned work premiered in Las Vegas on November 19, 2005 with title  "Hoopla" ("A Touch of Glee"). Please see/hear Youtube posting by Albany Records

8) Please see George Walker billboard on MusicUNTOLD website: Long Beach, California NAACP Branch and MusicUNTOLD support and recommend other NAACP Branches nominate Composer, Pianist, Educator George Walker for 2014 Spingarn Medal.  99th Spingarn Award nomination deadline is 12/31/13
9) G
eorge Walker is the foremost living and working classical composer in the United States. 

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