Friday, June 15, 2012

'Zahn, O'Connor on Revolutionizing Music Education'

Mark O'Connor String Quartet includes violinist Kelly Hall-Tompkins, second from right, who has taught at Mark O'Connor String Music Camps

We have received this release on the string education method of Mark O'Connor:

Paula Zahn interviewed Mark O’Connor on New York’s WNET TV, focusing on the violinist and music educators’ fast growing, insurgent O’Connor Method of string education—David to the established Suzuki Method’s Goliath.

The NYC Arts Profile takes a close look at O’Connor’s musical journey from dirt-poor child prodigy who built his own guitar out of cardboard, to influential master teacher and innovator of American music education. 

Watch the full interview here:

Read CNN’s spotlight on the O’Connor Method here:

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