Saturday, June 2, 2012

'Quincy Porter, Complete Viola Works' with Violist Eliesha Nelson, 20% off at Classics Online This Weekend

[Quincy Porter, Complete Viola Works; Eliesha Nelson, viola; John McLaughlin Williams, violin, piano, harpsichord; Douglas Rioth, harp; Northwest Sinfonia, John McLaughlin Williams, conductor; Dorian Recordings DSL 90911 (73:47) (2009)]

Review by Fanfare, excerpted by, where this CD is 20% off this weekend only, ending June 3, 2012.  Many other stellar reviews of the disc have been published.

Radu Lelutiu 



Even without the benefit of the informative annotations that accompany this recording, in which Nelson explains how she fell in love with Porter, it would have been obvious that this was a labor of love. Indeed, the thoughtfulness with which this project was put together is apparent throughout—in the aforementioned annotations (written by Nelson herself), in the excellence of the recorded sound, in the quality of the performers who joined forces with Nelson, and, most importantly, in Nelson’s superlative playing.

The music itself is interesting and agreeable, if not always compelling. …the quality of the recorded sound is outstanding, and it does full justice to Nelson’s beautiful instrument. Incidentally, the sound team received a Grammy for its work. Special kudos are also in order for über-accompanist John McLaughlin Williams, who conducts the Northwest Sinfonia, an excellent ensemble, and also plays the piano, harpsichord, and violin in the Speed Etude, Blues Lointains, Poem and duos. Harpist Douglas Rioth joins Nelson for the Harp Duo, and he does a fine job.…I applaud Nelson and her colleagues for making this worthwhile recording, and any serious collectors of American classical music would be well advised to purchase it.

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