Saturday, June 23, 2012

John Malveaux Reviews Concert of Afro-American Chamber Music Society Orchestra, Conducted by Janise White

John Malveaux of sends this concert review:

Afro-American Chamber Music Society Orchestra, Janise White, conductor, presented Le Chevalier de St. Georges Concert Friday, June 22, 2012, Wilshire United Methodist Church, Los Angeles. Program opened with Star Spangled Banner, Janise White arrangement. In celebration of JUNETEENTH, ‘St. Louis Greys Quick Step’ was performed with a backdrop of coordinated precision marching by four Camp Pendleton Color Guards. Joseph William Postlewaite (1827-1889), the composer, was a Negro Corporal in the Union Army’s 148th Infantry. His march predates Sousa’s marches. In celebration of Black Music Month, the Orchestra played ‘Sinfonia No. 1’ by Chevalier de St. Georges and ‘Sempre Avanti’ by Stephen James Taylor whose is a significant film composer. Commendations were presented to Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas and Councilman Herb Wesson. Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas reciprocated with a Certificate to the Orchestra and reference to continued support. Chris Woods was featured soloist in a performance of ‘Violin Concerto in D’ by Chevalier de St. Georges. Chris interjected some improvisations “consistent with music of the period” according to Chris. The concert closed with ‘Sinfonia No. 2’ by Chevalier de St. Georges.

Of special note during the program, Professor White mentioned that the Orchestra performed during the Washington DC ceremony unveiling Dr. King’s statue and she conducted workshop(s) at Howard University. She was surprised to learn that the music of Chevalier de St. Georges was not known or available at such a prestigious University.  

[Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges, Afro-French composer and conductor, is featured at]

Comment by email:

During the music workshops, I had the honor to introduce the Howard University Faculty  to contemporary composers: Dr. James Lee, III of Morgan State University and Jeraldine Saunders Herbison, among other distinguished composers of the African Diaspora.

Also, it must be mentioned that the extraordinarily gifted violinist, Chris Woods owned the St. Georges Violin Concerto in D Major, becoming one with the music. His impeccable technique brilliantly showcased the very essence of St. George's phenomenal virtuosity.  Mr. Woods' stunning performance drew a standing ovation from the enthusiastic audience.

I produced a new edition of Sinfonia in G and the Concerto for the performance along with  orchestrated arrangements of the National Anthem and St. Louis Greys Quick Step!  Prof. Janise White 

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