Sunday, January 15, 2012 Works of Jean Rudy Perrault, Julio Racine & Justin Elie at Peoria Concert Jan. 22

[Guest Conductor Jean Rudy Perrault]

Justin Elie (1883-1931) and Julio Racine (b. 1945) are among the Haitian composers featured at Their works are included in the Jan. 22 concert in Peoria:

Peoria JournalStar
“Former student of Bradley professor to be guest conductor at church
Jennifer Towery
of the JournalStar
January 15, 2012

Bradley University music professor John Jost visited Haiti as a college student in 1971 for a chance to pursue his passion of teaching music. While at Ecole Sainte Trinite - Holy Trinity School - Jost discovered another passion - for the island, its music and for helping its children, whose appreciation for music and talent flourished with instruction.”

One of Jost's earliest students at that school, Jean Rudy Perrault, is the guest conductor for a concert of Haitian music that will be at 6 p.m. Jan. 22 at United Presbyterian Church, 2400 W. Northmoor Road, Peoria.” “Perrault is director of orchestra activities and professor of violin at the University of Minnesota Duluth.”

The concert includes a 15-minute work for piano and orchestra called 'Fantaisie Tropical,' or Tropical Fantasy, by Haitian composer Justin Elie.” The Bradley Chorale also will perform, singing recent works by contemporary Haitian composers. Many of the works are derived from traditional Haitian folk songs, including music for strings and soloist arranged by Julio Racine, who Jost is hoping will be able to attend the concert. Racine grew up in Haiti, studied music in the states and returned to the island nation to serve as orchestra director at Sainte Trinite for about 20 years.”

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