Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jade Media: 'Box-Breaking Concert Pianist Jade Simmons to Reveal Love Affair with Rhythm at Georgia Tech Concert'

[Revolutionary Rhythm; Jade Simmons, pianist; KIC CD 7760 (2009)]

An artist that believes audiences should nod their heads and tap their toes at Classical music concerts, too!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE--On Saturday, Feb 18th, 2012 at 8pm, acclaimed pianist Jade Simmons will take to the Ferst Center stage at the Georgia Institute of Technology in a fury of rhythmic energy performing pieces for solo piano, with her trio Collide, (piano, percussion and saxophone) and alongside Georgia Tech's infamous improvising robot Shimon. Simmons, one of the most innovative and versatile concert artists on the scene today, is noted for riveting performances and creative projects. She ended 2011 with a performance at the White House and 2012 will include the release of #PaganiniProject, the follow up to her first critically acclaimed, genre-bending CD, Revolutionary Rhythm. The upcoming CD dares to feature standard Classical works alongside Contemporary Classical pieces with elements of Jazz and original works for piano and electronic beats in a mash-up style Jade calls Hybrid Hip-Hop.

This concert will serve as the culmination of her time at the university as their second-ever ARTech artist-in-residence. Under the rubric of Rhythm as Necessity, the former drum major, bass drum line captain and co-founder of Northwestern University's Boomshaka (a popular percussion and dance ensemble), Jade will feature highly rhythmic Contemporary Classical pieces almost entirely by living composers and will tell the story of her relationship with rhythm throughout the concert. The first part of Ms. Simmons' residency took place in October of 2011 and included outreach programs at local schools, multiple lectures, including one called The Implications of Race and Gender in Classical Performance, and a masterclass for student pianists at the university.

Jade's residency is an interactive one. Members of the Georgia Tech community were able to submit sound samples via the Music Technology department's innovative software program Urban Remix. The software allows users to capture sounds and images around them and upload them to be shared and remixed by other users. Jade will take the submissions and create an original piece to be performed in the culminating concert.

During this second residency period, Feb. 12-18, there will also be a panel discussion called The Creative Impulse, more outreach performances, and a masterclass with members of Jade's trio Collide. For ticket information and a full outline of activities, visit:
To learn more about Jade, visit:

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