Monday, November 28, 2011

The CD 'I Play For Peace' by Roy F. Eaton is both thematic and eclectic musically

[Roy Eaton, Piano: I Play For Peace; RHAHM Music, Inc. (2011)]

The pianist Roy F. Eaton,, has been featured on AfriClassical for years. On Nov. 24, 2011 posted: “'I Play For Peace,' New Roy Eaton CD '25% off Black Friday only at'” The recording was made from June 29 to October 12, 2011 at L Brown Recording. The front cover sketch is by LeRoy Nieman. Two things make the CD a family affair. A rainbow sketch on the inside of the back cover of the CD is by Ari Eaton, one of Roy's twin sons, who are about 8 years old. Track 4 is Roy Eaton's piano composition RaviAri, whose title combines the names of the boys. Roy is a proud resident of Roosevelt Island in New York City.

I Play For Peace is at once thematic and eclectic. The pianist finds a commonality among works of very different times and styles, including both J.S. Bach, born in 1685 in what is now Germany, and Arvo Pärt, an Estonian born in 1935 and now known for his “new compositional voice”. Jazz great Bill Evans is represented, as is the eccentric but influential French composer Erik Satie. Busoni, Ravel, Gershwin, Chopin and Liszt are also heard on this program.

The liner notes point out:
“Roy Eaton first performed in Carnegie Hall on Thursday, June 17, 1937 as a Gold Medallist in a competition sponsored by the Music Education League of New York.” “I PLAY FOR PEACE continues his lifelong exploration of the spiritual dimension of music.” Eaton is also a Scott Joplin specialist whose Joplin: Piano Rags recording is part of the Sony Essential Classics series. The new recording is available online at:
Disclosure: A review copy of this CD was provided by the record label.

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