Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gary Powell Nash: “'Fraternal Prelude,' commissioned by the band fraternity at Morgan State University”

[ABOVE: Out of the Depths: Music by African-American Composers; Keystone Wind Ensemble; Jack Stamp, Conductor; Citadel 88143 (2002) BELOW: Gary Powell Nash]

Dr. Gary Powell Nash (b. 1964) is a native of Flint, Michigan. He is an Associate Professor of Music at Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee. Myron D. Moss writes in the liner notes for Out of the Depths: Music by African-American Composers:

“Gary Nash's Fraternal Prelude of 1997 is the most recently-composed piece on this recording. Nash was born in 1964 and has B.A. And D.M.A. degrees from Michigan State University and a Master's from Western Michigan. His composition teachers include Bernard Rands and Jacob Druckman. He has written for orchestra, band and chamber ensembles, and several works have had commercial recordings.”

Fraternal Prelude, commissioned by the band fraternity at Morgan State University, is a lyrical piece, in which melodies with a popular flavor are developed though classical procedures. The melodies change mode, lengthen in augmentation, and engage in call-and-response dialogue between instrumental sections, while the overall melodic and rhythmic character perhaps suggests a 'Motown' style. Nash's performing experience as a saxophonist is evident, as saxes are featured, and the piece expands the band's normal section to include soprano sax as well as alto, tenor, and baritone.”

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