Saturday, November 19, 2011 'Roald Dahl's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Music by Eleanor Alberga' Orchid Classics, MP3 (38:47)

[Eleanor Alberga; Roald Dahl’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; Danny Devito, Joanna Lumley, Griff Rhys Jones; Music by Eleanor Alberga; Taliesin Orchestra; Peter Ash, Conductor; Orchid Classics ORC 100019; MP3 (38:47)] offers an MP3 Download of Roald Dahl’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with Music composed by Eleanor Alberga born in Jamaica in 1949, and featured at Her website is Performance is by the Taliesin Orchestra, conducted by Peter Ash, on the U.K. label Orchid Classics ORC 100019 (38:47). The price in U.S. Dollars is $9.99.

Prelude: The Forest at Night (4:23)
Narration I (Mirror) 1:39
Snow White's Dance (4:28)
Narration II (Mirror, Jockey) (2:01)
Narration III (Mirror, Jockey) (1:14)
Mirror's Dance (2:13)
Narration IV (Mirror, Jockey, Stepmother) (1:08)
Stepmother's Dance (0:53)
Narration V (Mirror, Jockey, Stepmother) (0:58)
Stepmother's Blood Dance (1:45)
Narration VI (Mirror 0:07)
Alone in the Wild Forest (5:26)
Narration VII (Mirror, Jockey, Snow White) (1:57)
Jockey's Dance (2:24)
Narration VIII (Mirror, Jockey, Snow White) (0:31)
Night Music (0:53)
Narration IX (Mirror, Jockey) (0:29)
Escape Dance (1:12)
Narration X (Mirror, Jockey, Snow White) (1:30)
Celebration Dance (3:36)

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