Saturday, November 12, 2011

Patrick D. McCoy: “Looks like there is a 'new' Carmen on the rise,” Kendall Gladen

[Kendall Gladen in Carmen]

Patrick D. McCoy writes:

“Hello Mr. Zick,
Looks like there is a 'new' Carmen on the rise. Here is a review that I came across of Kendall Gladen's appearance in the Bizet opera in San Francisco.

Carmen by Bizet opened exotically at SF with SF's earthy Kendall Gladen
Cindy Warner, SF Opera Examiner”
Nov. 10, 2011
Carmen by Bizet, one of the all-time favorite operas because of a glorious score so melodic and fun that it's as hummable as La Donna e Mobile, opened at SF Opera with former Merolini Kendall Gladen. Kendall, a statuesque mezzo, played the Basque gypsy with a sense of understated, exotic, supernatural power and earthy sensuality that thrilled particularly as she sang forebodingly and fiercely in her lower register, whether upon reading death in the cards; or facing down her fallen young lover as he draws his knife on her outside the bullfight ring.”

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