Saturday, October 1, 2011 Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's Sacred Choral Works Not Recorded; Most Scores Are Sold by Presto Classical

[Samuel Coleridge-Taylor]

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912) was an Afro-British composer and conductor featured at The Centennial of his death will be in 2012. Major observances are being planned by organizations including the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Foundation,

Our friend John Malveaux of recently made this inquiry:
“I have been unable to find any recordings or scores of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's sacred choral music. Do you know of a source where I might find any of these, either in print, manuscript, or recording? I would be deeply grateful for any assistance you could lend me toward locating scores and/or recordings.
John Malveaux”

We forwarded the inquiry to Hilary Burrage of the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Foundation,, and to Maestro John McLaughlin Williams. Hilary Burrage wrote to Lionel Harrison, telling him she would post a query on the SCTF Forum as soon as possible, but thought he might have an immediate answer. Lionel promptly replied:

“Hi Hilary,
That's an easy one. To start with, none of it has ever been recorded but most of the scores are available. The vocal score of The Atonement can be downloaded from IMSLP here:

The scores of most of the sacred music are available to buy from Presto Classical here:
Best wishes,

John Malveaux thanked everyone who had helped answer his question. He explained that a member of his organization is a PhD candidate at the University of Southern California, and added:
“...this information may encourage her toward a competition and dissertation paper.” John provided a link for a “Call for Papers: National Symposium on American Choral Music” issued by The American Choral Directors Association:

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