Saturday, October 1, 2011

'The Music of H. Leslie Adams' in 'Back-to-School program of theHistoryMakers®' on YouTube video

[H. Leslie Adams (b. 1932)]

On September 19, 2011 AfriClassical posted: “'The Music of H. Leslie Adams' Sept. 23 at 10 AM in 'Back-to-School program of theHistoryMakers®.'” On Sept. 28, 2011 the American Composers Alliance uploaded a video (1:33) to YouTube:

“Accomplished composer, pianist, educator, and arts advocate, Dr. H. Leslie Adams appeared at a school in Glendale, OH as part of the Back-to-School 'Historymakers' program. His music was performed for the school assembly, and recorded and broadcast on the Fox channel.” (WJW-TV 8 Newscast)

An Adams composition, L'Exstasy d'Amour, was performed by violist Eliesha Nelson and pianist Dianna White-Gould. The H. Leslie Adams Homepage is: [H. Leslie Adams (b. 1932) is profiled at, which features a comprehensive Works List by

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