Monday, October 24, 2011

Fanfare on 'Out of the Depths': 'Performances are winning, sound and recording outstanding'

[Out of the Depths: Music by African-American Composers; Keystone Wind Ensemble; Jack Stamp, Conductor; Citadel 88143 (2002).]

We wrote about the above recording on Oct. 23, 2011. Today we list the complete program of the CD, and include an enthusiastic comment from Fanfare Magazine, along with a comment submitted by email by Michael S. Wright:

One for me to order up! I am also glad that Roger Dickerson’s ‘Essay for Band’ is also featured along with Gary Nash’s work.

Jack Stamp is listed as Conductor of the CD, but two tracks have a Guest Conductor, Dr. Myron D. Moss. They are Solemn Prelude by Ulysses Kay (5:49) and Essay for Band by Roger Dickerson (9:51). The website of Foothill Records quotes Fanfare Magazine: "Performances are winning, sound and recording outstanding, and copious, in-depth notes... What more could one ask for? This CD is not specialist fare; it is urgently recommended for everyone."

Out of the Depths: Music by African-American Composers is available from only a few retailers. The best price we found was $8.99 at

1. SpiritualAdolphus Hailstork 9:36
2. Out of the DepthsAdolphus Hailstork 13:16
3. Solemn Prelude* - Ulysses Kay 5:49
4. Fraternal PreludeGary Powell Nash 5:45
5. Essay for Band* - Roger Dickerson 9:51
6. Triumphal MarchClarence Cameron White 3:31
7. Take a ChanceHale Smith 10:54
8. Fugue 3:41 and
9. BossaOliver Nelson 4:03
Keith Young, saxophone and Robert Maglocci, trumpet
Total Time 67:36
*Guest Conductor, Myron Moss
[Adolphus C. Hailstork, Ulysses S. Kay and Hale Smith are featured at,which presents complete Works Lists for Ulysses Kay and Hale Smith by Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma,]

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