Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gary P. Nash: 'Blues Impromptu' is on 'Music from Mount San Angelo' by Tanya Anisimova, cello

[Prof. Gary Powell Nash; Music from Mount San Angelo; Tanya Anisimova, cello (1995)]

Following the recent post on the violoncello works to be performed at North Carolina Central University by Prof. Timothy W. Holley on Oct. 30, Michael S. Wright commented to us and to Prof. Holley:
“William, Timothy,
This is interesting. Are you aware of an absolutely splendid solo work for ‘cello written some years ago by Dr Gary Powell Nash, Associate Professor of Music at Fisk? I have copied him in to this message so that he can respond if he likes to.

Prof. Gary P. Nash has graciously provided this information on the work to which Mike Wright made reference:
“For all interested, the composition is Blues Impromptu (1995) cello solo. It was recorded on the CD Music from Mount San Angelo, featuring Tanya Anisimova, cello, also produced in 1995. Unfortunately, the CD is out of print; nonetheless, I'll gladly send a copy to anyone interested, or at least an mp3 file.
Gary P. Nash, Ph.D.”

Associate Professor of Music Theory and Technology
Fisk University Music Area

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drgpn said...

I saw where my composition Blues Impromptu for Solo Cello has been referenced before on It's last live public performance was in 2008 at the Society of Music Theory conference in Nashville, TN, Philip Ewell, cello for a presentation on Fisk Univ. Composers. Matt Haimovitz also performed it in 2004 during a tour which included performances in Nashville, TN and Jackson, MS.