Tuesday, October 18, 2011

11/11/11 Roy Eaton releases 'I Play For Peace,' plays music in Good Shepherd Chapel, Roosevelt Island 8PM

[Roy Eaton]

Pianist Roy F. Eaton announces:

I Play For Peace

1) Peace Piece: Bill Evans (7:39)
2) Prelude and Fugue in Eb minor from the Well Tempered Clavier: J. S. Bach (9:17)
3) Gymnopedie #1: Erik Satie (3:22)
4) RaviAri: Roy Eaton (2:36)
5) Organ Choral Prelude “Now Comes the Gentiles Savior”: Bach-Busoni (4:45)
6) 2nd Movement Concerto in G Major: Maurice Ravel (7:05)
7) Prelude in Ab Major (Melody #17): George Gershwin (2:02)
8) Prelude #17 in Ab Major: Frederic Chopin (4:09)
9) Mazurka Opus 68 #4 in f minor: Frederic Chiopin (5:34)
10) Berceuse Opus 57 in Db Major: Frederic Chopin (5:00)
11) En Reve – Nocturne: Franz Liszt (2:09)
12) Fur Alina: Arvo Part (3:27)

"I PLAY FOR PEACE"... The title of this album says it all. I am a firm believer in the power of music to reveal to us the essence of being.. Individually and collectively the pieces I chose to record portray in music a concept that is beyond the realm of words to convey....
PEACE...Bill Evans improvised an ever changing melodic landscape over a subtly changing bass figure.
PEACE....for Bach the inexorable harmonic and contrapuntal interplay of many voices with a singular message...praise GOD..the source of PEACE.
PEACE....Gymnopedie by Satie was an obvious choice.
PEACE...the mesmerizing focus of my twins Ravi and Ari at play inspired RaviAri.
PEACE...I felt it a loss that we usually only hear the Jazz inspired peacefulness of the 2nd movement of the Ravel Concerto when it is performed with Orchestra. The piano part sufficiently stands alone.
PEACE....Gershwin's Ab Prelude called "Melody #17"owes its genesis to the Chopin Prelude of the same number and key.
PEACE...The f minor Mazurka--the last composition written by Chopin is a valedictory that need never end. He wrote it with a da capo sign that did not specify how many times it should be repeated. It is truly a work of potentially infinite length. One day I might play an entire recital of just this piece repeated ad infinitum. PEACE...Bill Evans' "Peace Piece" owes a lot to Chopin's Berceuse in the similarity of design and mood.
PEACE...In Liszt's late nocturne "En Reve" we again have a valedictory last composition that eloquently reflects his final thoughts on the mystery of life.
PEACE...Fur Alina appropriately, quietly, and profoundly closes the CD through which I invest my talent to help initiate a new, higher world consciousness...my hope for the world...I PLAY FOR PEACE.

Available 11/11/11 at www.CDBaby.com/artist/Royeaton

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