Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Comment on Philippa Schuyler: 'I was an admirer and fan of hers when I was a child.'

[Philippa Duke Schuyler]

On Oct. 3 AfriClassical announced that the John McLaughlin Williams recordings made for the 80th anniversary of the birth of Philippa Duke Schuyler are to be heard on BBC Radio 3. We quoted Bob Shingleton: “It will be broadcast on Radio 3 at 8.25pm on October 14 during the interval of a concert of American music. The 20 minute feature is titled The Colour of Genius.”

Gwendoline Y. Fortune, Ed. D. is creator of the 13-part radio series on Black Composers and Performers, We Do It All. She writes with a question and a comment on the pianist Philippa Duke Schuyler (1931-1967):

Do you know how the program from the BBC of Phillipa Schuyler's music can be accessed via the Internet? I was an admirer and fan of hers when I was a child. I knew her story, read everything about her in the Negro press--even incorporating a brief fiction about her in my last novel. I never met her, and when she did come to South Carolina she performed in either Columbia or Charleston and we lived too far away to hear her.

BBC Radio 3 has an online player which can be found at its website. A more direct method of accessing a program on that network is to use this URL: Click on this link and you will immediately begin hearing whatever is being aired by BBC Radio 3 at the moment.

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