Wednesday, August 17, 2011

YouTube: 'Samuel Coleridge-Taylor - Symphony in A Minor Op. 8 (1896) I. Allegro Appassionato (1/4)'

[Samuel Coleridge-Taylor - Symphony in A Minor Op. 8; Aarhus Symphony Orchestra; Douglas Bostock, conductor; ClassicO CD 684 (2006)]

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912) was an Afro-British composer and conductor featured at The anniversary of his birth was Aug. 15; the Centennial of his death will be in 2012. Major observances are being planned in the U.K. throughout the coming year by organizations including the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Foundation, A world premiere recording of Coleridge-Taylor's Symphony in A Minor, Op. 8 (36:44), was made in 2006 by the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra in Denmark, under the direction of Douglas Bostock, conductor. The first movement, Allegro appassionato (11:28) was uploaded to YouTube in its entirety (11:28) on June 9, 2011 by GoldieG89:

The CD is ClassicO CD 684 (2006). The liner notes by Lewis Foreman tell us:
“The Symphony in A minor was written in a month. Smither Jackson's catalogue gives it the opus number 8, though there is no opus designation on the manuscript. It was not known in Coleridge-Taylor's lifetime, other than to his contemporaries who were at the only two performances.”

The other movements are:
II Lament Larghetto affettuoso 7:30
III Scherzo Allegro ma non troppo
IV Allegro maestoso ed energico

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