Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AMP: “Fred Onovwerosuoke's 'Twelve African Songs for Solo Voice & Piano' now available”

[Fred Onovwerosuoke; Twelve African Songs for Solo Voice & Piano; African Music Publishers 2011]

Melanie Knolls of African Music Publishers sends us a press release on a sheet music publication graced with a Foreword by the renowned musicologist Prof. J.H. Kwabena Nketia, who turned 90 in June of this year:

Dear friends,
We are very pleased to announce Fred Onovwerosuoke's "Twelve African Songs for Solo Voice & Piano" now available in stores, Amazon or directly from African Music Publishers at 314-652-6800. Also order online at

Twelve African Songs for Solo Voice & Piano
Author: Fred Onovwerosuoke
Publisher: African Music Publishers
ISBN 9781934621288
Price: $16.95, plus S&H

Table of Contents
1. Aiszonge! ("Celebration" – Mokpe-Bakweri, Cameroon) / 2. Aleluya! ("Alleluia" - Shona, Zimbabwe) / 3. Duniya ("Mystic Universe" - Madinka, Gambia & Mali) / 4. Esato ("Eight" - Igbo, Nigeria) / 5. Herero Folktales (Otjiherero, Namibia) / 6. Kaleeba (Baganda, Uganda) / 7. Luwah ("Bitter Tears" - Mokpe-Bakweri, Cameroon) / 8. Mshila ("Guiding Spirits" - Pende, Congo) / 9. Ne Nkansu ("Healing Chant" - Banda, Central African Republic) / 10. Ngulu ("Moving Along" - Kamba, Kenya) / 11. L'Oluso Agutan Mi ("God is My Shepherd" - Yoruba, Nigeria) / 12. Wunya Amane A ("Faithful Friend" - Twi, Ghana)

Melanie Knolls
African Music Publishers
3547 Olive Street, Suite 110
St. Louis, MO 63103
Tel: 314-652-6800

Comment by email:
Thank you so much Bill. Your site is so, so resourceful as we're sure following your post yesterday orders for Fredo's book nudged up this morning ... Thanks. MK (Melanie Knolls)

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