Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Voice-Online.co.uk: Ignatius Sancho's 'book Letters (published in 1782) was a bestselling work'

[Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780)]
BrycchanCarey.com: "The portrait of Ignatius Sancho was painted at Bath on 29 November 1768 by Thomas Gainsborough..."

The Voice
Millionaires, new banks, profitable companies and wealthy cities were created by the eighteenth century Transatlantic slave trade”
Written by S I Martin
“Black Londoners and the slave trade
A number of Black abolitionists came to prominence in late 18th century London.
The best known was Ignatius Sancho. Though born on a slave ship, he became a playwright, composer, writer and grocer. His grocery shop was just off Whitehall. His book Letters (published in 1782) was a bestselling work and gave an insight into the life of a black family in 18th century London.” [Ignatius Sancho is featured at AfriClassical.com]

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