Saturday, August 6, 2011

'Camerata Romeu' Performs Music of Afro-Cuban Composer José White at 'Credomatic Music Festival,' Costa Rica

[Aug. 5, 2011,, Costa Rica: “String Sisters: Camerata Romeu all women’s string orchestra from Cuba will perform in Costa Rica for the 21st Credomatic Music Festival.” Courtesy of Credomatic Music Festival.]

08 / 07 / 2011
“Fuente: PL | 06 de Agosto 2011. San José, (PL). – The Cuban string orchestra, Camerata Romeu, will offer a concert at the 21st Festival of Credomatic Music, which will be held in this capital from the 6 and until the 21 of August.

“Under the leadership of its director, Zenaida Romeu, the group – made exclusively by women – is characterized by its high quality and an international prestige, earned in several spaces of the world. The program to be carried out at the National Theatre includes pieces made by the Cuban composers José White, Carlos Fariñas, Abelardo Valdés and Silvio Rodríguez among many others.” [José Silvestre White (1835-1918), an Afro-Cuban violinist, is featured at White became a composer and professor after graduating from the Paris Conservatory.]

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