Tuesday, January 11, 2011

World Premiere of 'I Have a Dream,' Conducted & Composed by Charles E. Dickerson III"

[Charles E. Dickerson III, Music Director, Conducting The Southeast Symphony and Chorus January 9, 2011]

On Jan. 10, 2011 AfriClassical posted: “John Malveaux on 'I Have A Dream' by Southeast Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, led by Charles Dickerson III.” The Southeast Symphony was founded in 1948 to bring classical music to diverse communities of Los Angeles. John Malveaux reported that two-thirds of the audience gave the performance a standing ovation. Today we were pleased to learn from Charles Dickerson III that photos of the concert at which the composition I Have A Dream was given its world premiere were available:

“Mr. Zick,
Here are a couple of pictures that were taken on this past Sunday at the World Premiere of my composition "I Have a Dream". We had a chorus of 80 and an orchestra of 40.

I will leave it to others to describe the music and the performance. But I thought these photos might be of interest, perhaps even for your blog.

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Cheryl said...

I too had the great honor and pleasure of performing in this wonderful piece of music written and directed by Charles Dickerson. The words of Dr. King are made anew and reborn for our children to appreciate his words and civil right work. I can't stop singing and rehearsing the music in my head. The music seems divinely inspired and must be shared with the world. My first impression of the beginning segment of the music was; why is it so long and repetitive. But, later after some thought I became emotionally moved by the segment as in my mind’s eye I could see a sea of people silently, reverently, standing and marching along during Dr. King’s funeral procession.