Friday, January 7, 2011

Music School of Delaware Honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. With Music of Justin Holland Jan. 14

[Justin Holland] profiles classical guitarist and composer Justin Holland (1819-1887) along with many other Composers of African Descent. During the past couple of years Justin Holland has been featured on AfriClassical with increasing frequency, at least partly due to the “Justin Holland Guitar Project” conducted by Dr. Kim Perlak,, who teaches guitar in Austin, Texas. Amaranth Publishing offers sheet music of Justin Holland:

CULTURAL CROSSROADS: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., & Black History Tribute
Proceeds benefit the Jacqueline Beach Faulcon Scholarship Fund.
Friday, January 14, 2011—7:00 p.m., Wilmington Branch
This popular annual concert pays tribute to Dr. King through works by African-American composers and musicians — including pieces composed by Delaware blues guitarist Frank Hovington, classical guitarist Justin Holland, the Nat King Cole Trio and Michael Jackson — along with works by Louis Moreau Gottschalk and a recitation of Robert Kennedy’s famous speech regarding Dr. King’s assassination. Featuring Jacqueline Beach Faulcon, soprano and piano; Clarence Faulcon, piano; Christopher Braddock, guitar and bass guitar; Jeanmarie Braddock, voice; Rev. Dr. Douglas D. Gerdts, recitation; Dennis Fortune, jazz piano; Matthew Lavanish, guitar; Marybeth Miller, voice; C. Lawler Rogers, voice; Mark Unruh, guitar and voice; storyteller TAHIRA; and the Music School’s Cello Choir; with collaborations between the faculties of the Music School and the Christina Cultural Arts Center.”

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