Monday, January 17, 2011

Chorus Member on C. Dickerson's 'I Have A Dream': 'this piece made my heart feel the strength again'

[Charles E. Dickerson III, Music Director, Conducting The Southeast Symphony and Chorus January 9, 2011]

Joanna Krieger tells us about her experience singing in the Southeast Symphony Chorus during its performance of Charles Dickerson's I Have A Dream on Jan. 9, 2011:

“Had the most gratifying time learning and singing my heart out while practicing this piece. I wanted everyone in the world to hear it. I am Caucasian, in my 60's, remember vividly the events of the 60's, and this piece made my heart feel the strength again, of the meaning of all that happened in those days. But, there is a true HOPE in the music and the words, that will never die. Thank you. Joanna Krieger

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