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'Four String Symphonies' CD of G. Spensser Haynes Available From

[G. Spensser Haynes; Four String Symphonies (2008);]

The musician, composer and music teacher G. Spensser Haynes now lives in West Virginia. He tells us:

“I am most eager to present my 'In Memorium', written last year in honour of the miners lost at the Upper Big Branch Mine. At the time, I was researching West Virginia in anticipation of our move here; this tragedy affected me, to the point of writing an extended work in seven parts.”

“I grew up in Montclair NJ, and spent many years in Santa Cruz CA. I performed throughout the US under the auspices of the NAACP and Pent Sorors. I have been here in West Virginia for about two months (past 17 years taught instrumental music privately and in various schools in the Trenton NJ diocese), and have been meeting a great many new people.”

“As a composer, I've necessarily been interested in all the instruments. I play several instruments, on a good day; violin primarily.

“I have been a Musician for over 5 decades (whew! how did these numbers get so big?). I have been helping people to understand and appreciate Music, and how to play instruments and make music for over 4 decades. I have enjoyed a high student retention rate, contributed quite a few players to junior highschool, highschool and college music programs and ensembles, and have recommended a few students to 'From the Top', including a young man just last month. I founded Provenance Camerata; the first two seasons of the ensemble, all the musicians were my students, former students and colleagues. We were also beginning a renewal of interest in the strings, which we hoped would lead to a more formal youth orchestra status. I continue to support a number of former students who remain in touch with me, and several students who prefer to continue with me at distance.

The CD of G. Spensser Haynes is Four String Symphonies. The Symphonies are Winter Dreams, The Venetian, Harvest and Falling Leaves. The disc also includes a 3-movement Flute Concerto, Grace.”

For the past few years, G. Spensser Haynes has been conducting an annual “Internet Event” involving new works distributed to interested persons as brief MIDI files. The first composition for the 2011 Internet event has been released with this introduction:

“#1 Hello Friends,
To begin, I have two short pieces for you. They are attached as two separate files. Please remember that these are not actual sound recordings; the sound you hear is dependent on your sound card. If you can?t open or can?t find the files, let me know.

“*First, an etude for solo violin, one of many I've written; they usually come to me when I should be practicing! In my defense, I suspect they do address some element I feel I need to improve at that moment. This one, 'snowflake harmony', certainly reflects my need to play more harmonically at this point when I haven't yet found a lot of people to play with. I played it in public for the first time this past Sunday at my monthly appearance at the Heritage Diner.

“*Next, "The Rising of the Lark" is a Traditional Welsh or Scottish tune, the melody written by Elizabeth Grant. I found it last month at The Session Tunes, a good resource for tunes. The violin & piano arrangement is mine. I?ve adopted it as my personal theme (possibly because it seems to be about the only new tune that?s stuck in my head!), and I?m eagerly anticipating presenting it with my new pianist friend.”

G. Spensser Haynes invites interested persons to request MIDI files from him at this email address: He also provides this URL: The title of the page is: “Direct Resource™ Productions/Publications.”

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