Monday, January 31, 2011

'Anthology Film Archives' Shows Ed Bland's Film 'The Cry of Jazz' March 13 at Annual Film Preservation Event

[Ed Bland]

Ed Bland is known as a composer of Jazz and Classical Music. On Oct. 8, 2009 AfriClassical posted: “Music of African American Composer Ed Bland Used In Ballets of 'Company Stefanie Batten Bland.'” Ed Bland sends us this message about

“Jonas Mekas asked me to aid him and the Anthology Film Archives in alerting interested parties concerning this March 13th event."

"Dear Film Lovers:
On March 13th Anthology is having its annual film preservation event at the City Winery. Anthology is honoring those who preserve film, and it's also a fundraiser for Anthology. This year Anthology needs c.$120,000 to redo our sidewalk (water is leaking into Anthology's basement)."

“On the March 13th occasion, Anthology will honor Ed Bland for making THE CRY OF JAZZ.
Bland's THE CRY OF JAZZ is a 52 year old film that foresaw the ongoing cultural revolution effected by soft power. The soft power that emerged from the musical, artistic and cultural artifacts of Black American life.”
Jonas Mekas

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