Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NBC-TV in Kansas City: 'Sphinx Chamber Orchestra visits Ruskin High School' (1:33)

[Sphinx Chamber Orchestra, NBC-TV Action News Kansas City]

“They hope to inspire passion for classical music
Posted: 10/25/2010
By: John Batten
KANSAS CITY, Missouri - “Some talented young musicians who have played Carnegie Hall made a stop at Ruskin High School Monday. They're hoping to inspire a love of classical music in a new audience. 'The Sphinx Chamber Orchestra's a touring ensemble. We get together every year for about a month and just go around the country playing concerts,' said Tony Rymer, a cellist from Boston.

“That sounds like a pretty good gig, as the musicians say. Rymer wants to share it with kids who might not otherwise get a chance to consider a career playing classical music. 'Well, it's a lot of fun. We get paid and I think it's a good mission that the Sphinx Organization has; to diversify classical music,' Rymer said. They hope to accomplish that mission by exposing minority audiences to talented African-American and Latino musicians playing not only Bach and friends, but works by African-American and Latino composers.”

“The Sphinx Chamber Orchestra was brought to Ruskin High through a partnership with UMKC's 'Musical Bridges' program.” [The Sphinx Organization was founded in 1996 by violinist Aaron P. Dworkin (b. 1970), who is profiled at AfriClassical.com.]

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