Saturday, October 23, 2010

Imani Winds' 'Terra Incognita' For Your Grammy Consideration

[Terra Incognita; Imani Winds; E1E-CD-7782 (2010)]

Imani Winds' Terra Incognita features new works by Wayne Shorter, Jason Moran and Paquito D’Rivera -- written especially for the group for their Legacy Commissioning Project. That these three composers accepted the challenge of writing for this ensemble is a source of great honor for the group. For those NARAS voting members out there, thanks for the consideration. Of course, please feel free to pass this around to anyone you think may be interested.”

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Best Classical Album (#302)
Best Chamber Music Performance (#193)

Best classical contemporary composition:
D'Rivera: Kites (#48)
Shorter: Terra incognita (#161)

You can hear the album here:

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Many thanks!
Stuart Wolferman
Unfinished Side Productions

“Imani Winds has made this unlikely amalgam work through a combination of great performance chops, charismatic stage presence, fascinating projects, and a selection of repertoire that both calls attention to each of their personal strengths and pushes them to other places." New Music Box

"Terra Incognita suggest that jazz and concert music can still blend into a hybridized form of music containing considerable eloquence." Sequenza 21

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msladyDeborah said...

Ilocw rhw Imani Winds! I hope that they win!