Friday, October 29, 2010

Celso Machado's CD 'Jogo da Vida' ('Game of Life') With 'Baião Barroco,' CBC 3021 (2007)

[Jogo da Vida; Celso Machado; CBC Records 3021 (2007)]

The Afro-Brazilian classical guitarist and composer Celso Machado (b. 1953) is profiled at and has a personal website, On Sept. 23, 2010 AfriClassical posted: “Celso Machado on guitar & David Virelles on piano in YouTube Video 'Baião Baroque.'”

We received a correction from Jessica Machado, wife of Celso Machado. She explained that the piece in the YouTube video is called Baião Barroco and is actually a track from the CD Jogo da Vida, CBC Records 3021 (2007). The CD is shown on the Celso Machado page at and is discussed in Paragraph 21. We obtained the disc and have chosen to use the back cover as a display of the titles of the compositions, along with the names of the performers and their instruments. The art work is by Davide Merino © 2007.

Here is an excerpt from the liner notes by Malcolm Gould, Producer:
“For me, Celso Machado is the truest of musical Renaissance men (except that he's more interested in the music of the later Baroque period) and the ultimate one-man band. Until now, in fact, Celso's recordings and live performances have been mostly solo affairs: amazing, delightful, but still focused pretty much on his own talents. To start this project, however, we put together Celso's dream band for a Toronto concert as part of CBC Radio's OnStage radio steries.

"We brought in his brother, Carlinhos, from São Paulo, added the prodigiously-talented young Torontonians David Virelles and Rich Brown, and completed the quintet with renowned New York-based Brazilian expatriate, Cyro Baptista. The concert was a great success. Then, as the subsequent recording sessions heated up, two more young Torontonians – singers Eliana Cuevas and Guiomar Campbell – stirred their sonic spices into the delicious musical stew that is now Jogo da Vida. Celso alone is a force of nature, but I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard the sound of these six other great musicians adding their unique voices to his. Now you can too. Bon apetite!”

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Jack the Sax said...

I'm a Vancouver Jazz musician for over 45 years now but have recently been bitten by the Brazilian music bug.
I have been to around half a dozen of Celso's concerts and one guitar master class. He has music oozing out of every pour in his body. At one outdoor concert, I witnessed a lady slowly get up out of her wheel chair to stand up on her shaky legs and move back and forth to the infectious music. Everyone standing up was swaying back and forth.
It was quite a site.
Jogo da Vida is an excellent album and you can not go wrong with any of his many recordings.
Jack Stafford