Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Z.A.M.A. Classical Music CD 'Belle Ayiti' ('Beautiful Haiti') Offered Online by 'Educa Vision'

[“Belle Ayiti: Mizik Savant Ayisyen” (“Beautiful Haiti: Haitian Classical Music”); Zanmi Ansanm Mizik Ayisyen (Friends Together For Haitian Music). Cover Art: Painting by Haitian artist Ernst Toussaint. (75:29)]

On Oct. 31, 2009 AfriClassical posted: “Z.A.M.A. CD 'Beautiful Haiti: Haitian Classical Music' by Jaegerhuber, Racine, Jean-Claude & Casseus.” The post explained that the CD could be purchased from the flutist, Mary Procopio, by email. Mary is the person who introduced us to Julio Racine, who is now profiled at He is represented on the recording by “Tangente au Yanvalou” “Sonate Vodou Jazz” and “Haitian Folk Songs.” We have since learned that “Educa Vision” is selling the CD online for $20 at

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