Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ulysses Kay's 'Tromba' on John Holt's 'Facets 3: New American Music for Trumpet'

[Facets 3: New American Music for Trumpet; James Wintle, Barbara Harbach, Francine Trester, Joseph Klein & Ulysses Kay, composers; John Holt (trumpet and flugelhorn); Nataliya Sukhina (piano); Sophia Grech (mezzo); Igor Borodin and Julia Bushkova (violins); Katrin Meidell (viola); and Johannes Kleinmann (cello); Crystal Records CD 768 (2009) (63:19)]

Ulysses Simpson Kay, Jr. (1917-1995) is represented on Facets 3: New American Music for Trumpet by his Tromba (8:00). He is the only composer on the CD who was born prior to 1942. Jonathan Woolf reviews the disc for

Finally Ulysses Kay’s Tromba, written in 1983, which is a free flowing piece sporting a stern Nocturne where the trumpet plays muted. Spirited vernacular sluices through the finale – perky, and decidedly fun. I need hardly add that the performers are all first class ambassadors for this new music – Kay’s Tromba was actually written in 1983 – and they have been accorded typically good notes and recorded sound.”

Ulysses Simpson Kay, Jr. was an African American composer, conductor and professor who was born on January 7, 1917 in Tucson, Arizona. He died in Englewood, New Jersey on May 20, 1995. Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma of Lawrence University Conservatory in Appleton, Wisconsin has generously made his research entry on Kay available to, where his complete Works List for the composer can be found. [Full Biography]

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