Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eliesha Nelson Interview on Quincy Porter CD Brings Stories & Photos from Aaron Krosnick

[BELOW: Quincy Porter (Photo provided by violinist and Professor Aaron Krosnick) ABOVE: Quincy Porter, Complete Viola Works; Eliesha Nelson, viola; John McLaughlin Williams, violin, piano, harpsichord; Douglas Rioth, harp; Northwest Sinfonia, John McLaughlin Williams, conductor; Dorian Recordings DSL 90911 (73:47) (2009)]

AfriClassical posted “Eliesha Nelson CD: 'Quincy Porter: Complete Viola Works' Highlights Overlooked American Music” on Sept. 16, 2009. On Dec. 2, 2009 Prof. Aaron Krosnick of Jacksonville, Florida commented:
“Quincy Porter was a close family friend. He and his wife, Lois, used to play quartets with my father, and I played one public performance with him as well (I'm a violinist). He was also my wife's composition teacher at Yale School of Music. I have some pictures of him and stories about him that I'd like to share with Eliesha Nelson or anyone else who is interested.

”Eliesha Nelson promptly wrote to Prof. Krosnick:
“Dear Aaron, Your pictures and stories of Quincy Porter are of great interest to me, since I am deeply interested in his music and am happy to continue learning more even as my recording project is over. I returned to Cleveland from Yale yesterday having given a Master's Tea Talk at Trumbull College about life as a musician and the Porter recording. Also, Porter's great granddaughter Rebecca Hurd is a freshman oboist at the Cleveland Institute of Music, and I will meet her next week after her finals are complete! I see that you are already in contact with John M. Williams, so whatever you have communicated with him, he could share with me so you don't have to send everything twice. Are you by chance related to Joel Krosnick, cellist of the Juilliard Quartet? I await your next missive! Best, Eliesha”

When he answered, Aaron Krosnick sent pictures, including the one of Quincy Porter above. Here are excerpts from his reply:
“Dear Eliesha, I was delighted to receive your letter. By the way, Joel Krosnick is my younger brother. We are both from New Haven. Our father was on the Yale Medical School faculty for many years. His joy was playing chamber music.” “Quincy was born and died in the same house on Bishop Street in New Haven. I remember going for rehearsals at his house and almost being knocked down by his large Dalmation dog, Jiles, upon entering. My public performance with him was in Wilton, Connecticut, where Aldo Parisot lived at the time.” “I remember Porter smoking from a cigarette holder as he played viola. The ash would get bigger and bigger until it disappeared. It was not on the rug, but dropped through the f-hole into the viola!” “At any rate, enjoy the pictures I've attached. I'd enjoy hearing from you again. All the best, Aaron Krosnick”

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