Saturday, December 26, 2009

Henry Fogel: 'Musicians need to hear from people like Aaron Dworkin of the Sphinx Foundation'

[Photo of Aaron P. Dworkin by Bruce Giffin, Detroit Public Television]

Henry Fogel is Dean of the Chicago College of Performing Arts, Roosevelt University. Last month, he addressed the Annual Meeting of the National Association of Schools of Music. We present a brief excerpt from the speech, which can be read at:

“It is truly an honor to have been asked to speak with you today at this conference of the National Association of Schools of Music, especially when I consider all the work done by NASM member institutions, their administrators, faculty, and students, to advance music and its study throughout our nation over the last 85 years.”

“Musicians need to be sensitive to, and supportive of, efforts to diversify our world—strong, proactive efforts that will help to overcome a century of actual, real discrimination. While that situation has improved dramatically in our lifetimes, it is a very important and real part of our field’s history. Musicians need to hear from people like Aaron Dworkin of the Sphinx Foundation whose organization does a terrific job promoting string playing among young musicians of color, on the need for greater change in this area.” [Aaron P. Dworkin (b. 1970) is an African American violinist who is Founder/President of the Sphinx Organization. He is profiled at His creative interests are expressed at his website, where the items offered include Aaron's autobiography, “They Said I Wasn't Really Black.”]

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I know Henry. He is a superb human being in every regard. Dominique-René de Lerma
Wow:)... I didn't know... He is fantastic! Aaron Dworkin
Thank you for promoting the wonderful work of Aaron Dworkin, and for the kind words. I appreciate them very much. I am proud that the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University will now have a formal relationship with Sphinx. Henry Fogel

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