Wednesday, December 30, 2009 Bio of Haitian Composer Julio Racine Has New French Version

[Julio Racine]

Renée Schwartz is a Research Engineer at l'Université de Liège in Belgium. She generously volunteered to translate the new page on the Haitian composer Julio Racine. Her translation was added to the website yesterday:

This contribution is very timely, because Black History Month will be observed in February in Canada, Jamaica and the United States. Julio Racine sends us this message:
“Thank you for the effort to obtain a translation of the page. This is very good and I will tell some of my friends in Haiti.”

For educators who would like to celebrate Black History Month as part of French instruction, offers a number of pages which have been translated by native speakers of French: Akpabot, Samuel Ekpe; Alberga, Eleanor; Brouwer, Leo; Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel; Dédé, Edmond; Dett, R. Nathaniel; Ellington, Edward Kennedy “Duke”; Joplin, Scott; Price, Florence Beatrice Smith; Racine, Julio; Saint-Georges, Le Chevalier de; Still, William Grant.

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