Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MusicWeb-International on William Chapman Nyaho's 'ASA': 'This disk is a revelation'

[ASA: Piano Music by Composers of African Descent; William Chapman Nyaho, piano;
MSR Classics MS1242 (2008)

William Chapman Nyaho tells AfriClassical:
I just came across this. A very nice review of the CD. Cheers, Nyaho”

“This is a very attractive, and most rewarding, recital of music, much, if not all, of which will be totally unfamiliar to the majority of those reading this. There’s a vast variety of styles and sounds here, many taking the European model as a starting point but each work quickly takes its own path in a most fascinating way.

Fred Onovwerosuoke (from Nigeria) gets things off to a cracking start with his
Studies in African Rhythm. This is strong music with a very individual voice. Each piece imitates a dance or musical pattern and they make a very attractive suite, with lots of variety and plenty of fun. These six come from a set of 24 and I yearn to hear the others. This taster is really too good to miss. January Dance by Ghanaian-born Robert Kwami is a wonderfully quirky piece made up of a simple tune with a kind of misplaced stride bass line. Totally enjoyable.”

“This disk is a revelation - bringing together eleven composers new to me, in performances of obvious dedication and great spirit. William Chapman Nyaho is an excellent player and we are to be grateful to him for bringing this hitherto unknown music to our attention. I now want much more. The recording is very bright and forthright, the piano well-focused and very forward. The notes are full and fascinating. All in all, a real find.
Bob Briggs” [William Chapman Nyaho is profiled at AfriClassical.com and at his own website, http://www.Nyaho.com]

Comment by email
Dear Bill, Thanks so much! Once again, you are such a wonderful blessing and resource person in getting this wonderful music out there! THANK YOU! Warmest regards, Nyaho

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