Thursday, November 17, 2016

John Malveaux: CCTV: Kayla Rowser represents more diversity in ballet [Kayla Dances in Nashville Ballet]

John Malveaux of 

Kayla Rowser represents more diversity in ballet. See

For centuries, dancers of European decent have dominated the world of ballet, but African-American dancer, Kayla Rowser, of Nashville Ballet, represents the changing face of today’s modern ballerina.

“It is not as common to see an African American ballet dancer, but we do exist,” Rowser said.

Breaking racial barriers by dancing lead roles in The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Firebird and Swan Lake, she’s also been featured as one of Dance Magazine’s Top 25 to Watch, an honor given only to the most influential in the ballet world.
She’s outspoken about the importance of embracing all types of diversity in ballet, and hopes to inspire the next generation of aspiring dancers to achieve their dreams regardless of race, color or body type. 

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