Thursday, April 21, 2016

John Malveaux: Julius Williams & Reston Chorale to reunite for 150th Anniversary concert to celebrate 14th Amendment July 8, 2018, DAR Constitution Hall, Washington DC

Reston Chorale

Somewhere Far Away: The Music of Julius Williams
Dvorak Symphony Orchestra 
Winston Salem State University Choir;
Julius P. Williams, Conductor 
Albany Troy 1072 (2008)

Maestro Julius P. Williams, Composer, Conductor and Professor, has a website at and is featured at

John Malveaux of 

MusicUNTOLD will re-unite composer/conductor Julius Williams and the Reston Chorale during the 150th anniversary concert to celebrate the 14th amendment to the US Constitution, July 8, 2018, DAR Constitution Hall, Washington DC. A newly formed Washington DC area MusicUNTOLD Orchestra will provide the instrumental forces .  'A Journey To Freedom Honor and Glory -- A Tribute to Jonathan Myrick Daniels' was commissioned by the Reston Chorale to 
celebrate the life of civil rights martyr Jonathan Daniels. With music by Julius Williams and text adapted from Jonathan Daniels writings, the world premiere occurred March 2004 in Alexandria, Virginia.
The recording titled 'A Journey To Freedom Honor and Glory, An American Hero John Daniels' was produced by Julius P Williams with the Dvorak Symphony Orchestra and found on Albany Records 'Somewhere Far Away The Music of Julius Williams'.
The 150th anniversary 14th amendment July 8, 2018 concert also includes the 'Bicentennial Symphony' for orchestra and chorus with  passages from the Preamble to the Constitution, Gettysburg Address, Emancipation Proclamation and original passages by composer Roy Harris. Maestro Julius Williams will conduct the MusicUNTOLD Orchestra and Reston Chorale performance of Roy Harris 'Bicentennial Symphony'. See Additional soloist TBD.

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